All New IKEA Home Furniture Collection For 2013

here are All New IKEA Home Furniture Collection For 2013. IKEA is certainly a name that is not foreign to your ears. they are a company that does have a lot of furniture collections and chose to specialize in beautifying the home. every year IKEA has always issued a collection of those who must have been much awaited by fans of any products that furniture collection. analysis of the trend color of the year is always different to the strengthening of styles such as contemporary, traditional, minimalist, luxury, and or on a combination of all the styles that are always different for each year based on the great predictions. many decorative nide they also serve in any collection, and for 2013 they are presenting a collection of furniture & home accessories. talking about a collection of furniture and home accessories is included with urnitur, fabrics and decorative accessories. 2013 IKEA furniture fabric for highly differentiated with the original design, romantic, ethnic, and contemporary pop. one that is present at this year’s collection is the “Madame RĂªve” is an inspiring range of embroidered fabrics, printed retro motif for a charming atmosphere. in addition you will also be able to find the box Vichy and light curtains to enlarge the traditional country style decor bedroom decor chic yet very subtle. the bedroom design that is enriched with a blanket and bed linen, curtains and cushions are also printed in a large floral pattern.

IKEA 2013 collection is promising many new and it includes inspirational bedroom design Scandinavian purity melted white oak with the spirit of the nature of the material, the perfect combination of a highly stylish. color theme that also emerged was diverse, including a striking reddish-orange color, color pop, pure white, apple green, purple striped, which were all applied to different parts. example is the green apple for bedroom furniture combined with accessorized by a purple striped bed linen, interior decoration with a striking orange-red color, and more. to more clearly you can see it in the image collection of all-new IKEA Home Furniture Collection For 2013 below.

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