Clever Design Solutions for a Comfy 39 Square Meter Apartment

Clifton Leung Design Workshop has completed construction of a charming apartment in Whampoa Garden, Hong Kong, China. this is a apartment with a warmly ignition and cream environment emphasize the entire ambience of it small house: homely and peaceable. No colors other than white and beige are chosen for the color scheme to replicate the subtle warm glow in the house, including track lights that are hidden underneath the floating cabinets that evoke a spacious and dreamy ambient. By a design summary for reduce cluttering and maximization rooms, the residence was designed with a minimalism genre with clear lines.

The pair major section of the residence, the dining either living section and bedroom section are well defined by the use of different flooring – sand stone tiles flooring and wood flooring respectively. The pair section are separated by a sliding door, which allows tranquil relaxation at the bedroom section and enjoyable entertainment at the living either dining section at the same time. The owner request to build in furniture by maximum store and you may look plenteous of clever solution entirely the apartment. see all the design ideas in a collection of images of Clever Design Solutions for a 39 Square Meter Apartment Comfy below.

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