Photo Art Theme Inspired For House Interior Design

here are Photo Art Inspired Theme For House Interior Design. a concept to build a house in the style of art lovers Photo. many pictures to decorate every wall of course is to be applied to establish the concept of interior design. architect Dirk Denison is applying this idea to the interior of a regular house that was created specifically for art lovers Photo’s. color theme that is applied mostly peaceful and serene atmosphere, ranging from white color theme, combined with less furniture is simple but stylish. Simple furniture was deliberately applied in order not to divert attention to art photo is a view in the desired direction.

living room in this house comes with a focus on mid-century-style, in the form of photo-fot trimmer is a fixed mounted can be seen from a different perspective. green theme adorned on the fireplace and sofa style combined with it. look further into the bedroom is quiet a very clear theme in white color. furniture that is applied to the space that is shaded table in rocks rich in natural and colored wood. material natural color theme of black marble wall also adds to the concept of the bathroom was more obvious. see all the design ideas in a collection of images of Photo Art Theme For House Interior Design Inspired below.

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